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1. Parent-child Center admittance fee: Free

2. User qualifications:
(1) Pre-school Children under 6 years of age
(excluding first year elementary school children).
(2) Accompanying adults aged 20 or older;
each child must be accompanied by 1 or up to 2 caregivers.

3. Parent-child Center Service Hours
Tue. thru Fri.:
Session #1: 9:30AM-12PM;
Session #2: 2PM-5PM
Sat. thru Sun.:
Session #1: 9:30AM-11PM;
Session #2: 1PM-2:30PM;
Session #3: 3:30PM-5PM

Admittance closes 30 minutes before the end of each session to maintain quality of playtime for the children. Closed every Monday and government-announced holidays.

4. Universal rules of admittance to any Parent-child Center, and rules

(1) Only children 0 – 6 years of age (children of pre-school age) are allowed to enter; children older than six will be
denied entry and should remain in the resting area.

(2)To maintain hygiene and safety, caregivers should remove shoes and wear socks and childrenshould remove shoes
before entering the Parent-child Center.

(3)To maintain indoor games safety and service quality, each child within the premises must be accompanied and escorted at all times by at least 1 or up to 2 adults aged 20 or older.
Both the escorting adult(s) and children are not allowed to run or make loud noises within the premises. To prevent danger, caregivers should not leave children unattended or entrust care to another adult.

(4)Both children and caregivers should wash hands, disinfect, and take their body temperature before entering the Center.

To maintain health for children and caregivers inside the premises, anyone exhibiting fever or cold symptoms, or a body temperature exceeding 38 degrees, or is still recovering from other contagious diseases will be denied entry.
These are measures to prevent diseases from spreading.

(5)To maintain hygiene and tidiness of the premises, no food or drinks are allowed on the premises except in the Baby Food/Solid Food Area.
Caregivers will be held solely responsible for cleaning up for their children during the entire stay on the premises. Please do your part in maintaining hygiene and tidiness on the premises.

(6)Please use the teaching tools, toys, and equipment of the premises with care and in a reasonable manner. Please use only one resource or piece of equipment at a time and return them accordingly to their original places after use.
Damage caused shall be indemnified at the market price.

(7)The Parent-child Center does not provide power sources for personal use; please bring your own batteries and chargers for your personal devices.

(8)Please read all rules carefully and comply with the rules specifically stipulated by the respective Parent-child Center.

5. Using Spaces in Parent-child Centers

Entry to the Parent-child Center can done by either making reservations online or by waiting in line directly at the premises.

Online reservations:

(1)After applying for membership at the website of the Taipei City Government Parent-child Center and Friendly Childcare Center, one can use either our website or app to make reservations. Starting from midnight, the website is taking reservations for the next 30 days. Please make your reservation at least one day in advance as no same-day reservations will be taken. Alternatively, you may visit the Center directly and wait in line for a vacancy.

(2)To uphold fair use of public resources, each Parent-child Center will accept a reservation for only one session per reservation request. After you finish the session at a center, the reservation for the next session in that center is allowed only after 5:00PM on the date of the finished session.

Only a caregiver of a child may make a reservation/registration; no proxy is allowed for a reservation/registration. Up to 3 Centers may be reserved at the same time per child. Each child from the same household may make a reservation for a different session.

(3)Admittance priority is given to those who have successfully made reservations. However, no-shows 15 minutes after the start time of the reserved session shall automatically lose their reservation. For special situations, visitors being unable to arrive on time and having called within 15 minutes after the start time of the reserved session to inform the Center about possibly being late may be given an extended 15-minute grace period with the reservation status unchanged, which means such visitors must be present on the premises no later than 30 minutes after the start time. Arriving after the said grace period will still cause the reservation status to be lost and revoked.

6. Cancelling Space Reservations and Event Registrations on the Website
Parents are responsible for cancelling a registration online. To cancel a reservation or registration for a morning-hours space or event, please cancel before 10:00 AM on the space- or event-date. To cancel a reservation or registration for an afternoon-hours space or event, please cancel before 2:00 PM on the space- or event-date.
Members having accumulated 3 no-shows (both space + event) at a Parent-child Center will be suspended from making any online reservations at that center for 30 days.

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