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The Taipei City Government wishes to create a friendly nursing environment for assisting and supporting parents in Taipei City in terms of giving birth, nursing, and educating their children. The city government is committed to fulfill the policy of “one Parent-child Center in every district” that involves establishing nursing-friendly service facilities.

As of 2014, a total of 12 Parent-child Centers are operational,offering a safe and warm environment for parents to play, study, and read together with their children.
The professional staff at the Parent-child Centers also offers knowledge of parenting and nursing for parents and expedites exchanges of nursing information, thus greatly relieves the pressure on the caregivers.

As a result, the tagline in the Center’s logo that says:
“Interaction, Play, and Growth”is the vision of our services. "Interaction" means interaction between parents and children, among parents, and among families."Play" means playing and reading together and providing interesting, relaxing, and fun games for children to play together in a common playground."Growth" means promoting children’s development and parents’ parenting skills.

While playing games, parents play a critical and important role. Parents spending quality time with children and giving children suitable guidance not only increases interaction and bonding with children, but also assures the children of the parents’ love and care; this is a fundamental step in building a positive personality with love, a sense of security, self-confidence, and compassion. Therefore, parents should never ignore the importance of playing with kids. Spend as much time as possible with children, because parents are the first and the most important playmates of children.

Taipei City has established Parent-child Centers in 12 districts, each with unique features. Currently there are a total of 12 Centers, offering games designed to accommodate child development, safe and comfortable spaces for parents to play with their children, nursing and parenting seminars, parent-child activities, child care consultation, and community-oriented services. All caregivers are welcome to bring the kids, let the kids play as they desire, and also play with the kids.

>More information about Taipei City Government Parent-child Centers is also available at our Facebook Page with downloadable apps.

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