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1.【Sungshan Parent-child Center】
1. Bus stop:Minsheng Community Center
bus:12、225、248、254、262、262(Shuttle)、505、518、521、612、63、652、672、905、905(Secondary)、Brown 1
2. Bus stop:San Min Road
bus:0 East、254、278、604、612、672、Blue 10、Blue 26
3. Bus stop:Guanghe Village
bus:12、225、527、905、905(Secondary)、Blue 26
4. Bus stop:Xindong St.(Xingfu Village)
bus:0 East、12、225、248、262、262(Shuttle)、278、505、518、521、527、604、63

1. Wenhu Line:
Zhongshan Junior High School MRT Station→
bus:Brown 1、225、63、63(Shuttle)→Minsheng Community Center
2. Sungshan-Xindian Line :
Exit 4, Nanjing Sanmin Station (Pedestrians take Exit 1, turn left→
bus:612、Blue 10、Blue 26→Sanmin Rd.
3. Tamsui Line:
Exit 1, Minquan W. Rd. Station → Minquan-Chengde Intersection
bus:60、63(Shuttle) →Minsheng Community Center(Ruixiang Village)
bus:225 →Guanghe Village

Sungshan train Station →Sungshan Farmers’ Association→Brown 1、518、63、63(shuttle) →Minsheng Community Center
(Ruixiang Village)

1. Minsheng Community Center Underground Parking Lot
Address: Underground, No.163-1, Sec. 5, Minsheng E. Rd.(Entry and exit location: next to Sanmin Police Station)Phone:2759-0666
Rate: Metered at 30/hr
2. Underground parking lot of Jiankang Elementary School
Address: Underground, No.168, Yanshou St.
Phone: 2528-3802
Rate: Metered at 30/hr
3. Mingsheng Parking Lot
Address: No.84, Sec. 5, Minsheng E. Rd.
Phone: 2760-8303
Rate: Metered at 30/hr
4. Underground parking lot of Xisong High School
Address: Underground, No.1, Aly. 19, Ln. 325, Jiankang Rd.
Phone: 2528-4554
Rate: (8:00-22:00) Metered at 30/hr
(22:00-8:00) Metered at 10/hr

5. Underground parking lot of Minquan Park
Address: Underground, No.180, Sec. 4, Minquan E. Rd.
Phone: 2765-5004
Rate: (8:00-22:00) Metered at 30/hr
(22:00-8:00) Metered at 10/hr

2.【Zhongshan Parent-child Center】
Yuanshan MRT station Exit 1
Bus stop:Yuanshan MRT station
bus:21 (Direct),21, 208, 208 (groups River State House), 247 (Shuttle),287(Shuttle), 542,677, Red 2, Red 33, Red 34
National Highway No. 1 →Leave the Taipei Interchange (Chongqing Road) Interchange → four Chongqing North (direction to Taipei Main Station) → National East Road intersection, turn left →Pass the Chengde intersections→ the blooming Hall underground parking is on the left.

3.【Beitou Parent-child Center】
Beitou MRT station Guangming Road exit → right hand side → cross the road → Zhenglilongti building 1.2 floor

4.【Datung Parent-child Center】
1. Daqiaotou Station Exit 2(Exit 1 can take an elevator)
2. Minquan West Road Station Exit 1

1. Bus stop:Liangzhou Chongqing junction station
-> Walk about 5 minutes

2. Bus stop:Datong Branch Station -> Walk about 3 minutes
Red 32、Red 31、Red 29

Six Xuan Chongqing parking:Chongqing liangzhou intersection, next to Taiping Elementary School

5.【Wenshan Parent-child Center】
1. Bus stop:Ditch bead station(Muzha Rd.)
bus:251、253、666、915、brown12 、brown 6、647、660、 660(Shuttle)
2. Bus stop:Ditch bead station(Xinhai Rd.)
bus: 294、295、Green2(right)、Green 2(left)
1. Dapinglin MRT station, Exit 4
Bus stop:Ditch bead station
2. Jingmei MRT station, Exit 2
bus:251、253、666、915、brown 6、brown 12、660、660(Shuttle)
Bus stop:Ditch bead station
3. Wanlong MRT station, Exit 1
bus:660、251、brown 6、251
Bus stop:Ditch bead station
4. Xinhai MRT Station
Bus stop:Ditch bead station
5. Wanfang Hospital MRT Station, Exit 2
Bus stop:Ditch bead station

1. Imperial Parking lot
Rate: (Mon.~Fri.)Metered at 20/hr
(Sat.~Sun.) Metered at 30/hr
2. Underground parking lot of State exam
(8:00am-18:00pm) Metered at 30/hr
(18:00pm-8:00am) Metered at 15/hr

6.【Shilin Parent-child Center】
Jiantan MRT station Exit 1, Walk about 7-10minutes
 (Exit 2 can take an elevator)

7.【Neihu Parent-child Center】
【MRT】MRT Gangqian Station, Exit 1
1. Fu Hong Kong parking tower
2. Lake Sports Center parking lot
Bus stop:MRT Gangqian Station,Walk about 2 minutes

8.【Wanhua Parent-child Center】
(The Wanhua Parent-child Center is located in the Youth Park, next to the golf course, can be used as search criteria from the country Hing 5)
1. Bus stop:Youth Park station
2. Bus stop:Youth Park (Guoxing) station
3. Bus stop:Youth Park (Youth) station
Ximen MRTStation->
Underground parking lot of Youth Park Golf
Rate: Metered at 30/hr

9.【Nangan Parent-child Center】
1. Bus stop:Songshan Station
bus:203、204、205、232、232 secondary、 232、256、276、28、281、284、284 direct、286、286 secondary、306、306(Shuttle)、311、32、518、53、531、605、605 secondary、605、611、622、629、63、668、678、711、Internal commuter 8、Brown1、Red 56、Blue 7
2. Bus stop:Yucheng Neighborhood
bus:203、204、205、256、276、28、306、306(Shuttle)、518、53、531、605、605 (secondary)、605、、622、629、63、668、678、711、Brown 1、Blue 7

【MRT】Songshan MRT Station, Exit 4, Walk about 5-8minutes
(Exit 3 can take an elevator)
【Train】Songshan Train Station, Exit East Gate, Walk about 5-8minutes
1. Underground parking lot of Songshan Train Station
2. Songshan Elementary school parking lot

10.【Daan Parent-child Center】
1. Xinyi Anhe Station Exit 5, Walk about 5-8 minutes
2. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station Exit 2, Walk about 30 minutes
1. Bus stop:Charity Yanji blocks
Bus stop:Xinyi intersection
2. bus:235、662、663
Bus stop:Xinyi Tonghua blocks
bus:20、22、226、Xinyi Route、33、37、38、292
Yingan parking lot

11.【Xinyi Parent-child Center】
Taipei 101/ World Trade Center MRT station, Exit 2
(Exit3,4 can take an elevator)
1. Bus stop:World Trade Center(Chong King Rd.)
2. Bus stop:World Trade Center(Xinyi Rd.)
bus:207、537、Xinyi Route、Blue5
1. Underground parking lot of Xinyi Elementary School
Address: No.60,Sec. 5,Song Qin Road
Phone: 2758-8124
Rate: Metered at 30/hr(small car)
Metered at 30/hr(motorcycle)
2. Underground parking lot of Sanzhang neighborhood
Address: No.81, Songping Road
Phone: 2758-9690
Rate: (8:00am-22:00pm)Metered at 30/hr(small car)
(22:00pm-8:00am) Metered at 10/hr(small car)
Metered at 20/hr(motorcycle)
3. Underground parking lot of lot Taipei Disaster Response Center
Address: No.2, Aly. 11, Ln. 391,Chong King Rd.
Phone: 2345-3859
Rate: Metered at 30/hr(small car)
4. Underground parking lot of Xinyi Square
Address: No.60,Sec. 5, Xinyi Road
Phone: 8780-0133
Rate: (8:00am-22:00pm)Metered at 40/hr(small car)
(22:00pm-8:00am) Metered at 10/hr(small car)
Metered 20/per day(motorcycle)

12.【Zhongzheng Parent-child Center】
1. Bus stop:Linsen South Road (back)
bus:15 ,22 ,208 ,295 ,297 ,671
2. Bus stop:Renailinsen intersection (come)
bus:37 ,249 ,263 ,270 ,630 ,651
3. Bus stop:Renailinsen intersection (back)
bus:37 ,261 ,263 ,270,630 ,651
National Taiwan University Hospital Station ,Exit 2 :
along the Park road to Ketagalan Boulevard and turn to Renai Road, about 15 minutes ′walk
Zendoji Station (exit 3):
along the Linsen Road road towards the direction of Renai Road ,about 12 minutes′ walk.
Taipei Youth Development parking lot

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