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About Friendly Childcare CenterAbout Friendly Childcare Center

About Friendly Childcare Center

A Friendly Childcare Center is a good neighbor in the community for pre-school children, parents, and babysitters, and a great helping hand for nursing children. The Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government has combined civilian organizations, using existing events and services, to jointly develop childcare-friendly services, allowing caregivers and community residents to share community resources.


In a Friendly Childcare Center, children may mingle with other children and explore new experiences with objects in a new environment, while adults may also learn something new for themselves while relaxing and exchanging nursing experiences. Parents and children are welcome to jointly create memories at our Friendly Childcare Centers at various locations.

Service scope of Friendly Childcare Centers:
1. Open play space for parents and children: Long-term, fixed schedule open for pre-school children and their caregivers to use the spaces and facilities, such as the Toy Library and Green House.
2. Community Parent-child events: Parenting seminars, parent-child reading, and parent-child DIY activities are offered in open spaces in Friendly Childcare Centers.
3. Community outreach events: Resources of local communities are combined to conduct community children development inspections, community fairs, and awareness campaigns.


To take part in events and services provided by Friendly Childcare Centers, online reservations are not required; simply make a phone call to the respective Friendly Childcare Center for more information.


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